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Weddings… A Unitarian Universalist wedding service honors the life-long commitment of two persons to a loving partnership.  The emphasis is on the couple getting married, and on the family and friends who will support them as they become a new household, a new family. Weddings in a Unitarian Universalist congregation are designed to reflect the personalities of the couple. The minister works closely with the couple to create a ceremony which expresses appropriately, and announces to the world, the uniqueness of their relationship.

A wedding is one of life’s most significant and splendid events, celebrating the union of two hearts, the joining of two lives. To create a ceremony worthy of this, I meet with the couple to begin to get to know them and their hopes for their wedding ceremony. Beginning with a template or outline, we begin putting together the words, music and other rituals that will make this ceremony their own. This ceremony holds to no one particular tradition or faith. It can be spiritual, secular, or some combination. It is also possible to include aspects of important family and cultural traditions, honoring your roots and your future life together.
As a Unitarian Universalist minister I welcome participation by all persons without regard to race, ethnicity, gender, ability, affectional or sexual orientation, economic status, or national origin.  And since UU’s do not require adherence to any particular interpretation of religion or to any particular religious belief or creed, I am able to be inclusive of a wide span of traditions and cultures.
​Officiant honorarium: $600, inclusive of planning

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