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 Memorial Services and Funerals

A Memorial Service in the Unitarian Universalist tradition marks this final passage in our life cycle. It is typically a celebration of the deceased person’s life, where the grief and remembrance of loved ones and friends is honored. It reflects the twin themes of grief and gratitude. This is one of the most profound aspects of my ministry.

It is also a time to pause and to celebrate the qualities and meanings in that unique life and an opportunity to reflect on the purpose and hopes for our own living.  This ceremony usually reflects the particular spiritual or faith traditions of the deceased and at the same time is respectful of the traditions that uphold and comfort those who mourn.
The ceremony can follow shortly after the death of a loved one (traditionally called a Funeral) or can be held at a later date (what most people know as a Memorial Service).

Memorial Services are centered around a Eulogy and shared Remembrances. The memorial portrait will either be something I will prepare (based on the information and memories shared by the family in a meeting with me), or family members and others may choose to create this part of the Service, offering a summary on the deceased person’s life with short memories or reflections.  I will work with you to create a Service that honors your beloved, including readings and music [recorded or live (if held at the church)], if requested. 
Officiant honorarium: $400, inclusive of planning

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