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Child Dedications

Child Dedications 
We welcome children into the world with a Ceremony of Naming, Dedication and Blessing.  Unitarian Universalists believe every child is born in goodness. We also believe that we cannot determine the religious beliefs for anyone else, especially for infants. Thus a Child Dedication is not a cleansing of original sin or declaration of a child’s religious affiliation, but a celebration of welcome and blessing of family..
We dedicate children to the highest purposes in life, and acknowledge and recognize the child’s parents and god-parents, if any. The two symbols I use in this ceremony are a rose (the essence of possibility in each new life blossoming) and water (the source of all life that connects us.)


A Child Dedication ceremony can take place as a part of a regular Sunday worship service, or it can be done at another time and place if the family prefers.
For a baby or very young child, we celebrate his or her arrival into the world by proclaiming the uniqueness of this new life and our connection with the wider human community. A family whose older children have not been dedicated before can celebrate and be formally welcomed with a Dedication Ceremony appropriate for the family and the age of the child(ren) as well.



Officiant honorarium: $300, inclusive of planning

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